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Prior to the purchase of a property, clients are advised by their solicitor or bank to have a pre-purchase survey completed on the property.  A building survey is a detailed inspection of a property to highlight any structural defects or any problems that may arise. 

We conduct an interior and exterior inspection of the property and provide our clients with a comprehensive report on its condition. This Building Survey report includes: an appraisal of the building fabric & construction materials, analysis of defects identified with advice on appropriate repairs, an estimated cost to complete the necessary repairs and, analysis of less significant defects and general disrepair in the physical condition & design of the building.

Our reports are aimed to help Clients, as the purchase, to understand any risks and potential expenditure relating to the condition of the property that may crop up after the purchase of the property.

We conduct surveys and produce reports from as little as €200. The reports are normally turned around in 2-3 working days from the date of the survey. We can also prepare next day or same day surveys reports for an additional fee.

The report that we will prepare will typically be 25-35 pages long and will consist of key points or issues of interest or concern and pictures to emphasise the same. 

Our survey reports typically comment on;

- Location                                                                        - Roof Exteriors and coverings                   - Ceilings

- Weather conditions                                                     - Chimney stacks and flues                        - Roof spaces

- Type and age of the property                                    - Gutters and Downpipes                           - Fireplaces flues and chimney breasts

- Accommodation                                                          - Main Walls                                                  - Internal Joinery

- Outbuildings and parking                                          - External joinery and glazing                     - Internal Decoration

- Grounds and boundaries                                           - External decoration                                   - Ventilation

- Garages and Outbuildings                                        - Internal walls                                               - Dampness (If any)

- Building history                                                            - Floors                                                           - Environmental Hazards

- Services                                                                        - Problematic Materials                                - Summary of advice &  Overall Opinion

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